Sports Matting

With innovation always in mind, we are able to offer a range of high quality performance synthetic sports surface.

This allows players to enjoy their chosen sport on a safe and performance accredited surface.  The product range meets with the EN 15330 standards, whilst they have been accredited to FIH and International Tennis Federation standards, as well as IATS FIFA 1 star equivalent.  Our range of products are UV stable, and fast draining which is ideal for all year round use.  These sports mattings also offer the advantage of being hard wearing, low maintenance and are as close or a better alternative to the real sports surface.

Specialist Sports Mattings include:

Multi-sports surfaces
 – maybe you are short of space, funding or would like to offer a larger range of  sporting activities on one pitch or court all year round! a multi-sports surface would be ideal.  Here you can incorporate a variety of sports such as football, tennis, basketball, netball, volley ball to name just a few into one area or court.  Each sport will be represented using different coloured lines set out within the space provided.

 – the quality of your tennis court and surface reflects your facility, which in turn attracts more players who will all have a comfortable and safe game.

– We are able to offer artificial 3G sports playing surfaces of varying pile heights.

 – We can provide a matting which meets with exceptional performance standards from competitive to professional levels of play, coacFootbalhing and training.  This surface offers a true and accurate ball roll, along with comfort underfoot.

 – The main requirement for a cricket surface is for it to have a non-directional pile characteristic.  We can offer surfaces that can be used for practice or professional playing standards.

 – For over 20 years our product has been used in over 70% of the indoor/outdoor bowling surfaces worldwide.  Offering products that have non-directional pile characteristics.

 – Matting can be used in all areas of the golf course.  We are able to offer a special spike proof putting surface, which when installed with the correct base structure, gives a realistic ball speed for putting, and good ball bounce when chipped onto.


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